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Luke Gittos


chambers leading solicitor award 2021

Luke is a specialist in complex litigation

He acts for both criminal and civil clients and also represents companies and individuals during regulatory investigations.

He is regularly instructed in cases involving cross-jurisdictional transactions and international finance. He has recent experience in regulatory investigations by the FCA and has acted for companies and individuals in investigations by HMRC and the SFO.

He joined Murrays Partnership In 2020 as a Consultant Solicitor.

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Consultant Solicitor

Mobile: 07891 553 304

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Notable career cases include:

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DG and DS – Allegations of stirring up racial hatred

Acted for two high-profile individuals in an investigation by the Metropolitan Police into allegations of stirring up racial hatred concerning an internet broadcast. The investigation was quickly concluded with no further action and received extensive national press coverage.

R v PS & ET – High value money laundering allegation

Acting for two defendants in high value money laundering allegation connected to VAT evasion on imported alcohol. The estimated loss to the Revenue is £40 million.

R v CM, LD, BB – Infiltration of the EncroChat network and importation of Cocaine

Currently instructed for a number of defendants in connection with the French Government’s infiltration of the EncroChat network. One allegation involves the alleged importation of 80 kilos of Cocaine from using a commercial cruise ship.

R v DF: – Murder appeal

Instructed in relation to a murder appeal dealing with complex issues of female mental health and psychosis. Instructed on a private basis to review the findings of a previous trial team.

R v BM - Allegation of murder

Undertaking a pro-bono investigation into the conviction of an alleged member of the provisional IRA for the murder of a Police Service of Northern Ireland in 2009. Reviewing the findings of a ‘Judge only’ trial.

R v L – Allegation involving ticketing fraud
Instructed with respect to allegation involving ticketing fraud with respect to the 2015 rugby world cup worth in excess of £1 million. Client was principal defendant and was acquitted of all charges.
H and Ors v FCA - Advising in complex FCA inquiry
Advising a network of Independent Financial Advisors in the course of highly complex FCA inquiry into improper transfer of pension funds
R v. P – Complex and large scale money laundering allegation
Complex and large scale money laundering allegation, involving the alleged movement of large sums to be sent to terrorist organisations in Syria.
R v P – Commercial fraud worth in excess of £500,000
Commercial fraud worth in excess of £500,000 with victims including Crystal Palace Football Club.
LT – Highly complex investigation into historic sexual abuse
Assisted client in developing argument against his extradition from South Africa having been sought in connection to a highly complex investigation into historic sexual abuse. Assisted the client’s South African legal team in an analysis of the relevant legal framework to develop an argument that his extradition would be contrary to the RSA constitution.
R v ETJ – Controlling prostitution and money laundering
Large scale allegation of controlling prostitution and money laundering across the north of England, arising out of the ownership of a chain of escort agencies. The first trial jury failed to reach a verdict. A suspended sentence was achieved following plea negotiations.
R v A – Alleged credit card fraud
Alleged credit card fraud worth in excess of £60,000, involving the targeting of vulnerable victims over the telephone.
R v L – Large scale international conspiracy to supply cocaine, cannabis and amphetamine
Large scale international conspiracy to supply cocaine, cannabis and amphetamine involving informant evidence. The Crown offered no evidence on all drugs charges following a lengthy disclosure argument.
R v N – Complex allegation of VAT and PAYE
Retrial of a complex allegation of VAT and PAYE fraud centered around the construction industry. The value exceeded £1m. Achieved a suspended sentence for the defendant following a significant concession regarding the indictment.
R v MU – 10 year prison sentence overturned on appeal
Conviction which resulted in a 10 year prison sentence overturned on appeal following criticism of previous legal team. The prosecution subsequently offered no evidence. The defendant was released from custody and faced no further charges.
R v B – Money laundering and corruption
Acted for defendant accused of laundering £18,000 and corrupting a public official. The case involved the sale of contraband in prison. The defendant was acquitted of all counts following trial.
R v T – High profile client accused of rape
Assisted Peter Hughman in securing the acquittal of a high profile client accused of rape.
R v M – Conspiracy to import 18 kilos of cocaine
Currently instructed in a series of cases involving the interception of the ‘EncroChat’ network, including one conspiracy to import 18 kilos of cocaine from a cruise ship.
R v H – Represented defendant in murder allegation
R v H: Represented principal defendant in a joint enterprise murder allegation. Client acquitted following representations with regards to the Crown’s case on causation.
R v C – Conspiracy to produce counterfeit currency
R v C: Currently instructed in the largest ever conspiracy to produce counterfeit currency, involving the alleged production of £53 million of false notes.

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