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Get in touch with Murrays if you have or are being accused of any homicide or assault. Our team have many years of experience defending these cases.

No matter how serious the case nor how high the level of evidence against you – even in cases where it seems impossible to present a strong case to the court, our lawyers have a level of experience second to none and we will be able to present a robust and powerful case to the court which will best meet your interests.

The following is an example of the type of cases we regularly deal with:

  • assault
  • domestic assault
  • violent disorder
  • attempted murder
  • murder

Defence for assault & murder

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An Assault, is defined in law as an act which is intended to cause injury (whether or not it actually does). An individual being in fear of violence can be sufficient for an offence to made out.

An assault can be aggravated by various factors – for example when it is believed that the motivation is racial. An assault can also be aggravated by the type of injury a victim receives – for example if they are left scarred by an attack.

The most common defences to assault allegations are self-defence or provocation but the criteria for establishing these defences and others often involved legal argument which must be properly presented from the outset. It is for this reason that proper legal advice ought to be sought at the earliest opportunity.


The most serious of all charges carrying with it the worst penalties for those convicted. The offence of Murder carries a life sentence and in most cases a minimum sentence of 25 years. If you or a loved one are being investigated for or have already been charged with an offence of murder, contact us immediately. We can assist and advise at any stage.

We have been involved with some of the most high profile cases that have been before the courts in recent times and with access to the most experienced Counsel from the leading Chambers in London we can ensure that the very best representation is provided to all of our clients.

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If you are being investigated for either of these offences it is imperative that you have good legal advice.

Our team of experienced lawyers can help you for any of these offences whether your case is still being investigated by the police or indeed whether it has gone past that stage and you are already being prosecuted through the courts.

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