Helen Snell


Lexcel chambers Accredited solicitors london

Admitted as a solicitor over twenty four years ago, and a member of the team at Murrays for almost twenty years, Helen brings a wealth of experience to all her cases.

The commitment she has dedicated to this profession and her knowledge of working within the local area and the community means that she has been able bring an unrivalled level of success and achievement to her work.

Helen’s strengths lie in her dedication to the profession and her fearless attitude in taking on the toughest of cases and working with clients to achieve the best possible outcomes. As a partner at the firm Helen is committed to ensuring that all Murrays’ clients receive an equal service of the highest level. Helen is responsible for ensuring that not only her own clients’ needs are always met but also in allocating clients to the right lawyer in our team who will be best placed to represent each individual. Helen will quickly recognise a client’s specific needs and will always act accordingly in their best interests.

Helen has been involved in some high profile cases of recent times and a sample of this work is set out below:

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Admitted: 1993


0207 701 8653

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Notable career cases include:

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R v. HJ and others - ( Murder )

Murder of Damilola Taylor. Client acquitted

R v. FS FS and others - ( Gang Rape )

Essentially gang rape of 15 year old. Acted for all three defendants. All three acquitted

“A huge, big thank-you for all your support, hard work, kindness and your commitment to me as my solicitor….I am so pleased with the outcome of my case….Things can only get better now”

– Client –

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