Gillian Heathcote

Consultant Solicitor

Lexcel Accredited solicitors london

A lawyer for over 30 years always specialising in Criminal defence.

Gillian has dedicated her career to helping those in need at some of the toughest times of their lives.

Gillian joined Murrays in the late 80’s and has since worked tirelessly for the firm and its clients. The local community and the people within it that require the assistance of a criminal defence lawyer are of the utmost importance to Gillian. This is demonstrated by the loyalty shown by clients who return to seek her help for many years. She has represented generations from the same family many times and her commitment to this is simply second to none.

The experience that Gillian brings to the job cannot be rivalled. Gillian’s strengths lie in her ability to approach cases in a calm measured and tactical way which regularly leads to the most outstanding results on what can appear the most hopeless cases at the start. Whilst Gillian will represent client’s charged with all criminal offences she will also offer advice pre-charge and has handled some of the most notorious cases that have arisen in recent years.

A sample of Gillian’s most recent work is set out below:

[Gillian Heathcote]

Admitted: 1984

0207 701 8653

“Like to express me sincere gratitude to the partners, associates and staff at Murray’s Partnership. Most of all to Gillian Heathcote for the support, patience and understanding throughout my trial and appeal process.”

– Client –

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