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Our professional legal team at Murrays can help your defence against accusation or prosecution of all fraud and business crime at any stage in the process.

Fraud and Business crime is a very specialist area of law which is constantly evolving and changing perhaps more than more traditional areas of crime as a result of technology and the rapidly developing world of IT and the internet.

Whether you have concerns over a possible fraud investigation or you have been charged and already face court proceedings our lawyers can provide you with specialist advice no matter what your query maybe.

Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding your own business, personal financial position or indeed, if you have friends or family with concerns in this area.

Defence for fraud crimes

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Money Laundering

Money Laundering is simply the process of moving illegally obtained money through legitimate businesses to disguise the source of the funds. Individuals and businesses are targeted alike and can very easily fall foul of the legislation, therefore needing advice as early as possible.

The law centers around the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and this area of law has led to businesses and individuals being at greater risk of prosecution arising out of perceived dubious financial activity.

The consequences are far reaching and can affect friends and family. The punishments range from hefty fines up to and regularly including substantial periods of imprisonment. Assets can be frozen even before any finding of guilt and in the most serious cases they can be forfeited altogether.

It is vital that proper legal advice is obtained from the very earliest stage and Murrays can assist with your query.

Bribery and Corruption

The Bribery Act 2010 contains the relevant law dealing with this type of allegation. This Act puts the UK as a leader in anti-corruption and ensures the most severe penalties with unlimited fines and up to 10 years in prison.

This Act is wide reaching and any person can be prosecuted as well as any business or commercial organisation.

Bribery is the giving of an advantage whether it be financial, material gifts or favourable treatment. Leading to improper performance of a relevant function. This is by definition, so wide that the list of possible situation from which an allegation of bribery could arise is endless.

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There are two general offences:

  •  The giving, promising or offering of a bribe – also known as active bribery
  •  Agreeing to receive or accept a bribe – also known as passive bribery

There is a strict liability element to this offence namely that companies failure to have adequate procedures to prevent bribery makes them guilty of an offence. The law is unbendable in this area and the SFO who investigate these matters will not hesitate to commence an investigation and prosecute where necessary.

If you or anyone you know is potentially facing a situation where they may be investigated for this type of offence they need proper legal advice as soon as possible. Investigations can be lengthy and far reaching therefore it is vital that an individual being investigated has proper advice from the very start.

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VAT Fraud

If an individual is facing an investigation in relation to their tax affairs they require specialist advice. We represent individuals and businesses in relation to all kinds of tax investigations.

VAT frauds (or carousel frauds) as they are often referred to are lengthy and often very complex investigations. This can be as a result of the sheer numbers involved or because investigators like to take their time and ensure they uncover every piece of evidence they need.

The system of prosecuting these matters involves linking companies and transactions to trading patterns. Here at Murrays our specialists in this field are able to analyse and compile all relevant material and information to ensure it is possible to prove our clients’ innocence.

These cases require a strategic approach and the best teams of forensic accountants, barristers and solicitors to ensure that the strongest possible case can be presented. At Murrays our experience ensures we have access to those who work at the highest level in this field.

Acting early and seeking proper advice is essential if someone accused of an offence of tax fraud wants to secure the best possible result and protect their reputation.

If you are being investigated for either of these offences it is imperative that you have good legal advice. Our team of experienced lawyers can help you whether your case is still being investigated by the police or indeed whether it has gone past that stage and you are already being prosecuted through the courts.

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