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Defence for drug offences

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Drug Offence solicitors

Drug Offences

The law regarding possession of drugs and the more serious offences of supply and importation is perhaps one of the most constantly changing areas of law in recent times. The Courts have developed an almost mathematical way of dealing with these offences in terms of how they are categorised and how those accused of these offences are categorised.

There is no doubt that the courts still deem these extremely serious cases. Even at lower levels the courts will have concerns regarding drugs offences particularly in relation to the younger offender, their fear being where the perceived level of drug abuse my lead.

Drugs investigations can take time at the police station stage but this makes it an even more important stage in the process to involve your lawyers. There is so much at stake from the very start it is vital that you are properly represented. At Murrays we are often involved in the pre-charge process and this almost always ensures a better result for our clients than otherwise might be obtained.

Serious cases

At the more serious end of the scale when it comes to large scale supply, drug smuggling and importation Murrays are used to dealing with this level of work and our experienced lawyers put together a team of individuals to deal with this type of work.

Every case is unique but the manner in which these cases are investigated including undercover police surveillance, “tip-offs” and analysis of mobile phones and computers to use cell-site technology means that you need to have those with a wealth of experience available to assist you with preparing and presenting counter evidence to a court and jury should the need arise.

No matter what stage has been reached in any case of this nature we will be able to advise on the next best steps and how to work towards the best possible outcome.

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If you are being investigated for either of these offences it is imperative that you have good legal advice. Our team of experienced lawyers can help whether your case is still being investigated by the police or indeed whether it has gone past that stage and you are already being prosecuted through the courts.

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